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Serial Deception


1 Sezoane 13 Episoade
Returning Series


TMDb: 7.6/10 600 voturi

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Deception 2018

<>Va invitam sa vizionati serialul Deception 2018 online subtitrat in romana gratis in HD.

Cameron Black is the world’s greatest illusionist. At least, that’s what people used to call him – before his greatest secret was exposed and his career destroyed. Even worse, Cameron has good reason to believe this was no accident.

There is an alternate, late TV arrangement got back to Dception in 2013 on NBC featuring Meagan Good. And in addition numerous motion pictures with a similar title. This present one’s about a wrongdoing battling mystical performer however. Huzzah!

Mush up some MacGyver with a little Leverage and after that toss in, well, pretty much every “Arrogant Specialist groups with Perpetually Perturbed FBI Agent” arrangement and you have Deception – a blustery new instance of-the-weeker from Chuck essayist/maker Chris Fedak highlighting an acclaimed youthful conjurer (the sort with Vegas shows and TV specials) who volunteers to enable the FBI to comprehend the strange instance of an apparently dead Cartel part.

Deception 2018 sezonul 1 online subtitrat in romana.

Depending on one’s political persuasion, 2018 either definitively is, or is not, a year in which there’s diversion to be mined from a narcissistic showman who can’t stop talking about how great he is on TV while making the FBI look outrageously dumb. Such is the conceit of the midseason replacement “Deception,” which is about a magician (played by Jack Cutmore-Scott) who helps the FBI solve crimes. Never rising above its hokey premise, the procedural is further sunk by transparent mysteries, hollow supporting characters, and a fatal lack of surprises. Ironically, it feels like the exact opposite of a successful trick: Nearly every turn is telegraphed early and often.

Some viewers tune into crime shows for the thrill of guessing what will happen next. But the whodunits in “Deception” are so foreseeable — even for a rare procedural watcher — that they seem designed to reward the predictions of even the most naive members of the audience.

A compelling cast can compensate for any number of weak storylines, of course. But “Deception” lacks that, too. Celebrity magician Cameron Black’s first encounter with law enforcement takes place the night of a legend-bolstering stunt: escaping from a straitjacket while hanging upside down over a bed of swords that point upwards as the chains that hold him aloft are slowly blowtorched in two. It’s a deeply goofy, borderline campy spectacle — and the only bit of “magic” in the first three episodes that makes the show’s gimmick worthwhile. At least the breezy drama knows not to take itself too seriously.

Anul lansării
Prima dată a difuzării2018-03-11
Ultima dată a difuzării2018-04-01
Durata episodului42 min
Status TVReturning Series

Sezoane și episoade

1 Sezonul 1                                                                                                             13 Episoade


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